Top Tips for Bikini Hips!

Happily hunting for your next bikini, counting down the days until you can dust off that passport and head to the airport? But wait…. You don’t feel at all ready to start stripping off for the beach, and with this niggling image of yourself feeling your worst whilst standing in a crowd of sun worshipers lingers, you are hesitant to click ‘pay now’ and grab that bikini you have had your eye on for months.

Well, fear not as the team at Amoir Camaira have covered that too! Hi, I’m Amy, I’m a Nutritionist and Health Coach and I am working with with A.C to help you ladies blast past your health goals! My passion is weight management and good mood. I work closely with people to alter their mind-set and banish negative beliefs and a lifetime of environmental conditioning to ensure a shinier you! I will be writing a regular series of blogs for you and I am very excited! I would love you to interact, so if there is anything you would like to see here, contact me at

This first topic is of course all about getting bikini ready! Holiday booked? Check! Bikini purchased? Totally check, right? Everyone wants to get in shape before they get on the beach but you could well be eating certain foods that may hinder your progress. I have put together a few do’s and dont’s tips to help you get your bikini hips!

Dairy! Cut Back! – Most people react to dairy. Dairy from a cow contains lactose. The breakdown down lactose requires an enzyme called lactase. Most people stop developing lactase around age 5. Without this enzyme, dairy can be hard to digest causing IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease). IBD can cause digestive issues and bloating. Not all of us react badly to dairy, however you if you are unsure you can get tested to find out.

Water. Are you drinking enough? – 75% of the human body is made up of water. Keep your skin hydrated and ensure you drink 1.5L a day (Amount dependant on location, climate and activity) Water also assists in regular bowel movement, which we all need for a flat tummy.

Essential fats – Essential fats from oily fish such as salmon, mackerel sardines and vegetarian sources such as nuts, seeds and avocados are anti-inflammatory, so if you have a bit of an irritated digestive system these can help. They also work to keep your skin healthy and are essential for cell health and hormone balance.

Gluten – Like dairy, many are sensitive to gluten. Gluten is found in many products (check your labels) but is better known for its place in bread. Gluten can cause bloating and a sluggish/over active digestive system. Again, you can get tested for gluten sensitivities and if you want to cut out gluten, most supermarkets/grocery stores stock excellent gluten free alternatives.

Probiotics – We have got to love the good bacteria! I swear by my probiotics to reduce bloating and keep my digestion healthy. Our guts contain millions and millions of bacteria, some good and some bad. Bad bacteria if not kept in their place can overrun our digestive system, again resulting in the dreaded bloat, Candida and digestive complaints. It is for this reason that we need ensure we have enough good bacteria to keep the bad boys in check! A good probiotic will have multi strain bacteria. Any good health store will be able to help you out.

Balancing blood sugar levels – Is imperative to weight control. The key is giving your body what is wants, in the quantity in needs it and when it needs it. For help with this, or any other health and nutrition question you may have I am offering Amoir Camaira visitors a FREE wellness assessment. Click Here to get bikini ready!

Amy WalkerAmy Walker, Nutritionist